Jewish Family Services of WNC, Inc. is a non-profit organization under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Your contribution is tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.  Financial information about this organization and a copy of its license are available from the State Solicitation Licensing Branch at 919-807-2214. The license is not an endorsement by the State. (EIN#: 45-2497063)

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Jewish Family Services of WNC


     July 1, 2016 - May 19, 2017

                                        Includes donations made directly to JFS and donations earmarked to JFS                                               through WNC Jewish Federation pledges
Benefactor ($10,000+)
Builder ($250-499)
Contributor ($1-99)
Dee Weiner
Jacob Blass
Rachel Acker

Eva Blinder
Wolff Alterman
Guardian ($5000-7499)
Alan and Marilyn Friedman
Linda P Arnold
Carol and Bill Falender
Marty and Carol Gillen
Lauren and Moshe Azoulai
David and Susan Leader
Meidad Goldman
Alvin and Loretta Babich

Don and Marcia Levitt
Andrea Berkey
Founder ($2500-4999)
Harvey E Morse and Marcia Goldstein
Greg Braunstein DMD
Ann Schwartz Wakcher
Janet Oppenheimer
Lorri Bura

Dan and Gloria Pincu
Judie Cohen
Pillar ($1000-2499)
Shirley Rapoport
Chad Conaty
Barton M. Brass
Gloria Rapoport
Henrietta and Alvin Cuttler
Bob and Ellen Carr
Rev. Thomas Rightmyer and Ms. Lucy Oliver
Woldemar Dogny and Patricia Cook
Ms. Carol Cohen
Janise and Rick Silverman
Perry and Haviva Dror
Alan Cutter and Joyce Davis
Bob and Joyce Weinberg
Marla Drucker
Joseph Dave Foundation
Arnold Wengrow
Bob and Karen Dunn
Geraldine's Bakery
Deb and Mike Wood
Sylvia Espanol
Adele Groban

Richard and Adrienne Ferriss
Deborah and Philip Halpern
Pacesetter ($100-249)
Phyllis Fish
Joe and Jill Lawrence
Debra Bergman
Jody Friedman
David Miller
Carol Brothers and Fred Klappenberger
Bella Frishman
Edward and Elaine Tennen
Congregation Beth Israel
Herb and Jayne Gallinger

Debbie Cooper and Larry Weiss
Judy Garry
Champion ($750-999)
Jack and Arlene Doloboff
Elizabeth Freeman Glatstein
Julian and Marti Biller
Liz Drake and Ross Prezant
Francie Glickman
Congregation Beth Ha Tephila
Lyn Dunn
Frank Goldsmith and Dee Cash
Judy and Zane Duncan
Martin and Ivy Dyckman
Ms. Randee Goodstadt
Marshall and Heidi Fields
Wendy Feinberg
Trudy and Carl Gould
Drs. Jonas and Meryl Goldstein
David Feingold
Trudy Gould

Sam and Robin Feldman
Steven and Maggie Heller
Partner ($500-749)
Rubin Feldstein
Diane and Jeffrey Hutchins
George Ackerman and Stanlee Stahl
Frank and Alison Gilreath
Jay and Marlene Jacoby
Bob and Audie Bayer
Dr. Stephen and Paula R Goldman
Joe and Jean Karpen
Paul and Belinda Brandon
Judi Goloff
Robert Kaye
Edward and Marcia de Bary
Trey Groce
Steve and Carolyn Kayne
Michelle Dorf
Bertrand and Hertha Horwitz
Steve and Shirley Kayne
Michael Dulion
Karen Hyman
Margaret Kort
Vic and Sharon Fahrer
Jewish Secular Community of Asheville
Barbara and Rich Laibson
Ed and Nadine Fidelman
Leah Karpen
Ms. Judith Laine
Ken and Ellen Kaplan
Alan and Ellen Kellam
Mitzi Lerner
Barbara and William Lewin
Judith Leavitt
Ruth Lovinsohn
Harris and Laura Livingstain
Steven and Susan  Levenson
Vincent and Kira Luca
Dr. Ron and Gail Manheimer
Joseph Liverman
Richard McSeveney
Dr. Rob and Ronna Resnick
Dr. Paul and Barbara Michalove
Dr. Denis McSeveney
Leon Rocamora
Frances Myers
Jay Naparstek

Rory and Marc Novell
Dr. Sheldon and Rochelle Neuringer

Andrea and Geoffrey Paskow
Roberta Newman

Bob and Hilda Pozner
Idelle Packer

Elizabeth Preyer
Nicole Peirolo

Dr. Michael and Carol Rosenblum
Frederick Rosenthal

JoAnne and Chuck Rosenblum
Gail Rosenthal and Walter Ziffer

Gail and Nelson Sobel
Carol and Jeremy Samsky

Mort and Barbara Stein
Vivien Saron

Dr. Lowell and Linda Steinfeld
Lynne Schwartz

Mountain Synagogue
Arnold and Doris Sgan

Carol Wenom
Bernard Shulimson

Syd White
Amy and Paul Silverman

Carrie and Norm Winkleman
Jay Silverman

Dennis Winner
Teresa Sutton

Anne Wainer

Bob and Melissah Weiner

Jacqueline Wollins

Judy Zelko

Craig Zimmerman